About Aysén


General information

Aysén is considered as the youngest region of the Chilean territory. There are several theories regarding the name of the Region. There are two of indigenous origin. One proposes that Aysén would come from the Huilliche word “Achén”, which means to fall apart or dismember, typical characteristic of the fjords of the area.

There are 4 provinces: Province of Coyhaique – Province of Aysén – General Carrera Province – Province of Capitán Prat. With a population of 66,568, the most populated city is Coyhaique, where you can find such services as banks, money exchanges, hospitals, post offices, supermarkets, ATMs, technical institutes and universities.

Some of the most beautiful sites in Chile are in Aysen, such as the national park Laguna San Rafael, also a Biosphere Reserve, as well as Lake Leones, Exploradores Glacier, General Carrera Lake and the Ice Fields of Patagonia, the 3rd largest after Antarctica and Greenland. We offer the best destinations so that you can discover the best parts of our land.

A region full of charms and landscapes, surrounded by rivers, lakes, hanging glaciers, evergreen forests, and striking mountains, is a place you have to visit and enjoy. A varied region from North to South, Aysen is the most beautiful region of Chile, without a doubt.


There is one tradition that everyone should experience when coming to the region; the Mate. A very popular drink in our region, it is more than just a gourd with dried Yerba tea leaves from Argentina, but a ritual in almost all of the houses in Aysen. Sharing mate has a special meaning because it brings the family together around the firewood stoves, transmitting trust in one another. If you go to a Patagonian home, your first thing will be to prepare and share mate, which means: “Welcome, make yourself at home.” In Ruta León it is also a ritual. As children from this land, we were born into this tradition, and you can expect us to teach you about mate and of course, welcome you to our home, to Patagonia and our people. With affection, loyalty and respect, we want you to enjoy every adventure, but above all, to contemplate the connection with nature in this corner of southern Chile. Mate, friend!


The region of Aysén’s climate is best characterized as a cold oceanic climate with low temperatures, abundant rainfall, strong winds and high humidity. The characteristics of the relief cause a difference of climates in the eastern sector, formed by islands and archipelagos, and in the eastern sector of the Patagonian Cordillera. The colder climate of the eastern steppe or slope of the Patagonian Andes or transandean differs from the previous one because it is protected by the mountain range, which allows a notable decrease in rainfall, compared to the archipelagos sector even though they are at the same latitude. On the eastern side, rainfall values drop to 621 mm per year in Balmaceda. In the city of Coyhaique, rainfall is 1,385 mm per year. Temperatures are generally low, with January being the highest and July the lowest.



Similar to the weather, the vegetation of this region offers a variety of species, but predominantly temperate rainforest, as is the case of the southern Gulf of Penas. Here you can find forests of Lenga  and Coigue (varieties of Andean southern beech), Tepa (laurela only found in Chile and Argentina), and Ñire (Antarctic beech). In the archipelago of Los Chonos, you will find predominantly hygrophyte cypress forests from the Guaitecas.


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